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Tom Stuckey was President of the British Methodist Conference in 2005. This website was set up as a follow-up to his Presidential theme of 'Theology and Spirit'. Its aim is to encourage theological reflection and dialogue within the Methodist Church and to promote a 'New Pentecost.' You can participate in this.


Tom Stuckey This is an important new update. I have included a number of new lectures and papers and a book review. Have a look! Are there comments you wish to make? Does anything here make you want to correspond with me? If so, send your email to mail1@tomstuckey.me.uk
I can publish your response through this site. Would you like me to? Hopefully this will trigger other responses. We need to get a theological conversation going.

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From October this year my wife Christine will be the Southampton District’s President for Methodist Women in Britain. She has been on a Pilgrimage to Holy Island.  Read her Journal! 

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My book ‘the Wrath of God Satisfied?’  is now available as a Kindle Edition from Amazon.

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