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Tom StuckeyTom Stuckey was President of the British Methodist Conference in 2005, Chair of the Southampton Methodist District, and a former Canon of Salisbury Cathedral. He is married to Christine, has three grown up children, four grandchildren and is retired living in Christchurch, Dorset.

He has ministered over the past 40 years in new town, city centre, inner urban, council estate and rural situations. His appointment to the staff of the Northern Federation for Training in Ministry, Manchester in 1982 gave him the opportunity not only to be involved in the ecumenical training of ministers but to teach, preach and lecture on mission both in this country and overseas.

Already an author of several books and articles, visits to India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia led to the writing of his major book on the ‘theology mission in an age of violence’.

He attempted to apply some of these insights as Superintendent of a Methodist Circuit before becoming Chair (or in Anglican terms -‘bishop’) of a large District in the south of England and then President of the Methodist Church in Britain. He has lectured in Cuba, South Africa, Jamaica, Northern Ireland and New Zealand, and written several more books. At present he is visiting scholar at Sarum College, Salisbury, and continues to write, preach, teach and speak throughout the UK.

This website seeks to encourage theological reading, thinking and discussion among ordinary church members. It seeks to bridge the gap between academic theology and engagement in study and renewal within the local church.

Three articles appearing in the Methodist Recorder under ‘WHAT IS THE SPIRIT SAYING TO METHODISM?’ can be found here in Lectures and Papers:    Click on paper to read
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Altars of Sacrifice.
As a passenger on the good ship Methodist Connexion I view with some concern the activities of the officers and crew. I realize that even as a supernumerary minister in the Southampton District I am not meant to be relaxing on a luxury cruise liner heading for sunny shores. Neither do I believe I am on the Titanic as it heads for destruction. I am also concerned too about the passengers. Many are no longer enjoying the trip while quite a few have abandoned ship.
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My book ‘the Wrath of God Satisfied?’  is now available as a Kindle Edition from Amazon.

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On 16-17 June a significant Conference was held at Durham University entitled ‘Formation for the Future’. A number of papers were presented. The one by myself entitled ‘Repairing the Altars of Sacrifice’ is now included Lectures & Papers page.

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